Telecom Management on the ServiceNow Platform

ACCOUNTabill delivers a fully integrated TEM ecosystem built on the ServiceNow platform for total visibility and control of wireless, landline and cloud services.

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Centralized portal to manage wireless, landline and cloud assets, expenses, usage and services across all providers with access for admins, users and managers.


Input contracts into a single system of record to track invoices, audits and disputes.

Invoice Processing

End-to-end automation of invoice processing from vendor invoice input to payment.

Audit & Optimization

Automatically audit invoices with configurable invoice audit rules to create, track, and close disputes. Automatically detect used assets, overused plans, or unexpected changes in rates.

Budget & Forecasts

Create predictability in expenses and usage with budgets and forecasts created by machine learning.

Cost Allocation

Automated solution for allocating costs across users, teams, cost centres, locations, departments, or divisions.

Self-Serve Provisioning

Telecom services and requests initiated by the user with access to profile-based catalogues and governed by authorization workflows.

Asset Management

Seamlessly manage all wireline, wireless, and cloud inventory on a centralized ServiceNow CMDB

Native TEM vs. Integrated TEM

There are only two types of Integration choices to ServiceNow – Native and API. Almost all existing TEM vendors are forced to take the API route due to the investment in their existing platforms and the limitation associated with porting existing services and capabilities to the ServiceNow ecosystem. 

ACCOUNTabill’s TEM platform is an application built using ServiceNow resources and is 100% native to its ecosystem. This means it naturally inherits powerful ServiceNow capabilities such as workflows, business rules, analytics, service desk, configuration management database and complete access to underlying business information such as users, cost centers, and locations. As a native application it adds complementary functionality to the existing ServiceNow ecosystem.

Key Advantages

Consistent User Experience

ServiceNow provides users access to numerous self serve resources encompassing HR, IT, finance, etc.  Native TEM leverages and compliments these services providing a consistent user experience.

Embedded Workflow and Approvals

ServiceNow at its core is a workflow engine. Native TEM leverages this functionality to drive procurement, payments, issues management, etc.  Other TEM solutions are databases at their core lacking the sophistication to drive process and decision making.

One Database for all Assets and Resources

Native TEM means that our solution leverages ServiceNow resources including the CMDB and stores all information within the  platform, eliminating the inherent risks of multiple, external data sources.

Futureproof Investment

Adding a native TEM application to your ecosystem maximizes the investment in your ServiceNow platform and ensures alignment with any future additions.

Maintenance & Support

Native TEM is supported as part of the ServiceNow maintenance protocol and does not require additional processes, resources or expertise to support external systems.

Access to all Business Data

Native TEM shares all required data within the ServiceNow ecosystem ensuring robust decision making and transaction efficiencies, unlike other TEM that are subject to API limitations.

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