TACKS was developed using Microsoft’s .NET framework to provide a reliable, secure and unified base for the delivery of the TEM application
functionality. The core of the system is the asset database which is a sophisticated repository of all corporate information relevant to the
management of telecom assets. This includes:

  • Client profile information such as standards and policies, business rules, telecom assets, etc.;
  • Carrier data such as service offerings, rate plans, etc.; and
  • Contract data that links carriers to clients using concessions, pricing, tariffs, SLAs, etc.

TACKS is equipped with services to ensure that information remains current and can be presented in formats relevant to diverse client needs.
These services are furnished by four key functionality modules:

  • ORDER PROVISIONING MODULE provides the functionality for all procurement related activity;
  • INVOICE PROCESSING MODULE provides the functionality for all invoice validation, allocation and payment related activity;
  • SCHEDULING MODULE provides the functionality for all lifecycle management activity; and
  • REPORTING MODULE provides the functionality for all standard and customized reporting requirements.