Professional Services


ACCOUNTabill provides RFP MANAGEMENT services to facilitate the selection of preferred vendors by deploying strategic procurement principles in conjunction with client procurement professionals or as a standalone service. The process includes the following essential steps:

  • RFP Development – (See Professional Services RFP DEVELOPMENT) ensures that the
    RFP identifies telecom specific requirements and provides a framework to help clients
    identify operational and financial risk
  • Vendor communications – manages vendor invitations, pre-submittal meetings, in
    process queries, clarifications, notification of RFP results, etc.
  • Submission Management – establishes the procurement process and ensures compliance
  • RFP Review – analyses RFP responses in conjunction with client criteria and scoring framework
  • Shortlist Development – identifies viable solutions/vendors from the initial list of invited vendors
  • Vendor Interview – conducts the vendor review and clarification of outstanding information
  • RFP Final Analysis and Recommendations development of the selection recommendation in accordance with published selection criteria and agreed upon scoring framework
  • Stakeholder Review – presentation of findings to key stakeholders for confirmation of vendor selection