Professional Services

Historical Audits

Research has proven that carriers providing telecom services continually over-bill their clients. Most organizations suspect that errors exist however they do not have a governance program to manage telecom administration effectively and bills are virtually “rubber-stamped” for payment. 

Regardless of how your organization manages telecom administration, ACCOUNTabill’s HISTORICAL AUDIT Service will “clean up the past” by identifying and retrieving restitution for billing issues. The process, which reviews voice, data and wireless assets, consists of the following:

  • development of a current telecom asset database;
  • determination of valid assets;
  • comparison of carrier contract and tariff information with current pricing;
  • preparation of an audit report;
  • client agreement on the strategy used to pursue credits;
  • negotiation of restitution with carriers; and
  • monitoring of credits and required fixes.
The HISTORICAL AUDIT is a non-intrusive process that has no impact on operations since invoices, not technology, are under review. Beyond the effort for data gathering, ACCOUNTabill requires minimal time from your valuable resources.