Professional Services

Cost Optimization

ACCOUNTabill’s COST OPTIMIZATION Service “Streamlines Current Costs” with the objective of achieving an optimal cost structure for voice, data and wireless services. ACCOUNTabill’s process begins with validating assets from those being billed. Remaining services are optimally configured and current pricing is compared to benchmarks from ACCOUNTabill’s cost database. ACCOUNTabill then manages an RFP process to confirm benchmark data and select preferred vendors. These preliminary steps result in the development of an Optimization Report that identifies the cost saving opportunities and their associated risks.

Identifying opportunities is only the first step. Ensuring that each opportunity is implemented with integrity and consistency is the next and most important step. ACCOUNTabill not only identifies optimization opportunities, we execute recommendations ensuring a seamless transition to a lower cost structure. ACCOUNTabill’s role does not end until the cost structure is validated and services are operational at required SLAs.

The approach used includes:

  • development of a current telecom asset database;
  • evaluation and validation of current assets;
  • evaluation of current costs using ACCOUNTabill Benchmark
  • development and management of an RFP process (optional);
  • development of an optimization report including option
    comparisons, risk analysis and recommendations;
  • implementation of all selected optimization options; and
  • validation of the intended cost structure.