Professional Services

Contract Review

ACCOUNTabill provides professional services to review contacts and reorient the language to protect client interests. The objective is to protect the client’s total cost of ownership of telecom services by identifying areas of risk (financial, operational or other) and providing strategies and tactics to mitigate these risks. The recommendations can include: 

Structural changes include the development of a Master Services Agreements to manage the client vendor relationship and services contracts to govern the provision of specific services;

Term and condition changes focus on renegotiating elements within the existing contract structure to alleviate identified risk.

ACCOUNTabill’s experience in contract negotiation is extensive. Given the frequency of these negotiations, some carriers now maintain pre-negotiated term and condition templates (that client pricing is appended to) known as ACCOUNTabill Contract Templates, which are used the maximize the protection of our clients’ interests.