Managed Services

Invoice Payment & Cost Allocation

INVOICE PAYMENT & COST ALLOCATION enables either client direct payment to carriers or single payment to ACCOUNTabill and subsequent distribution to all carriers. Regardless of the payment option, ACCOUNTabill provides payment authorization information and allocation detail in electronic format for direct upload to existing client financial systems. In the event that clients opt to pay carriers directly, ACCOUNTabill provides instructions to
accompany each payment. Critical elements to the payment process include:

  • Cost are allocated by assigning GL codes to all corporate assets
  • AP upload files are created for direct uploads to common ERP or AP systems
  • Payment instructions for vendors to enable the correct distribution of funds to specific
  • Payables report identifying authorized payments per carrier account
  • Payment issuance via one payment to ACCOUNTabill for distribution or for payment
    from client directly
  • Payment confirmation ensuring the proper payment posting per account
  • Payment reconciliation identifying and correcting payment posting issues
  • Invoice collation and archiving
COST ALLOCATION enables GL code assignment to all corporate assets with sufficient
flexibility to allow for complex allocation algorithms.